On-Demand Web Seminar
 Municipal disclosure in the time of COVID-19

Jul. 9, 2020 | 60 Minutes
Hosted by The Bond Buyer

Full transparency and timely disclosure practices have historically been the Achilles Heel of the municipal bond market relative to other major fixed-income asset classes. While municipal disclosure practices have clearly improved in recent years as a result of ongoing pressure from regulators as well as from bond investors, the recent improving trend is being threatened by the current pandemic and the resulting healthcare and fiscal crises facing state and local governments. Current issues include:

  • What and how much should municipal issuers disclose to their creditors about the potential impact of Covid-19?
  • What response should the industry expect to see from market regulators?
  • What types of Covid-19 related disclosure have we seen to date from municipal issuers?
  • What impact will the current crisis have on future disclosure efforts?

These and other critical questions are discussed by our panel of disclosure experts, representing all major market stakeholders: the issuers, the sell side, the buy side and the vendor community. Watch this webinar on-demand If your business is impacted by the current and future quality of municipal disclosure efforts.

This Web Seminar is sponsored by DPC Data Corp., the market leader in disclosure and compliance solutions.

Ken Hoffman
Susannah Page
Senior Vice President Manager of Research
Roosevelt & Cross
Lisa Washburn
Managing Director,
Chief Credit Office
Municipal Market Analytics
Dan Deaton
Nixon Peabody
Triet Nguyen
Vice President,
Strategic Data Operations
Danielle Fugazy
Contributing Editor

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