On-Demand Web Seminar  Understanding P3 financing for public charter school construction

Hosted by The Bond Buyer

Market experts will describe a new federal public-private partnership subsidy program for financing public school facilities, including public charter school facilities. The program, Qualified Public Educational Facilities Bonds (QPEFB), makes traditional long-term, fixed-rate, tax-exempt financing available to for-profit commercial real estate developers, expanding the landscape of capital structures for public school development. Presenters include senior staff of the California State Treasurer’s Office involved in the roll-out of a new program to implement the federal subsidy, as well as experienced municipal finance attorneys and investment bankers who will describe the program requirements and practical applications nationally.

Eugene Clark-Herrera
Chas Cardall
Katrina Johantgen
Executive Director
California School Finance Authority
John Kim
Managing Director
Danielle Fugazy
Contributing Editor

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