New developments in higher education finance

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As colleges and universities become more entrepreneurial and embrace a wider range of financing options, including in particular more taxable debt, it is useful to compare and contrast the financing options that have developed. This webinar will focus on the legal issues relating to:

  1. Self-issuance of taxable bonds (for private nonprofit colleges and universities), including securities law compliance issues, continuing disclosure, ratings, century bonds and international sales.
  2. Direct bank placements of tax-exempt bonds, including disclosure issues and rating issues.
  3. Marketing of lower rated or non-rated debt.
  4. Tax-exempt bond tax compliance, including private business use analysis for entrepreneurial activities, the application of new tax rules relating to qualified equity, anticipatory remedial action, and partnerships, and the strategic use of taxable bonds.

Most of the discussion will be based on experience drawn from recent transactions that included the above-listed elements or issues and considered pros and cons of the different structures.

Featured Presenters:

Eileen Heitzler
Orrick New York
Bill Haft
Orrick New York
Hoang Vu
Orrick Houston

Larry Sobel
Orrick Los Angeles/Houston
Chas Cardall
Orrick San Francisco

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